adorned by chi - character - gogo

Name: Chigozie “Gogo” Okafor

Birthday: March 18th

Height: 5’6″

Guide: Anyanwu, Goddess of the Sun

Magical Girl Power: Gogo has the power of light and can radiate heat and blinding rays from her body. Her powers work best during the day.

Personality: Gogo is Adaeze’s dorm mate and a ball of energy! She’s always cracking jokes but behind her belly laughs she’s very protective of her twin sister Kelechi and can go from sunshine to storm cloud in a flash if you mess with her.

Gogo studies Fashion Design at Peace University and hopes to one day see her designs on runways worldwide.

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adorned by chi - character - gogo
adorned by chi - character - gogo
peace university adorned by chi

Songs to

Dance To!

Gogo loves to hit the dance floor! She especially loves shaking her thang to Afrobeats- her fave artist is Yemi Alade!

Hit the image to hear her “Songs to Dance to” playlist.

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