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Here at the Agbali Cyber Cafe we serve great treats, great drinks, and a fully immersive virtual reality experience. As of late we’ve also been prone to monster attacks…but don’t let that stop you from dropping in and partaking in the most high tech VR experience in all of Udobo.

Study groups are also always welcome and our location is full of students from both Peace University and Amadigwe Academy at any given time. While you likely can’t get our high grade virtual technology at home, feel free to grab a few snacks to go!

See below for a peek at our menu. We have an ever-changing spread of amazing foods, and we love surprises, but suya, malta, and chin chin are our main staples.

    • Food & Drink

    • Mango Smoothie

      Mango Smoothie

      A smooth blend of mangoes, milk and ice.

    • Malta


      A non-alcoholic, lightly carbonated malt beverage, brewed from barley, hops, and water much like beer- but again, not alcoholic!

    • Chin Chin

      Chin Chin

      A crunchy fried bite-sized snack.

      Take a look out our favorite recipe!

    • Virtual Reality

    • Two Hour Virtual Reality Pass

      Two Hour Virtual Reality Pass

      Immerse yourself into a Virtual Reality experience like no other! For two hours you could become the President, or a Nollywood actress. Our VR technology doesn't just help you see a new world around you through fresh eyes, you also feel it. You can touch and engage with other virtual players. But be careful! Because pain receptors are included.

    • One Hour Virtual Reality Pass

      One Hour Virtual Reality Pass

      Our one hour VR option for those tight on time.

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