adorned by chi - character - adaeze

Name: Adaeze Adichie

Birthday: December 1st

Height: 5’2″

Guide: Chi Chi (Chisimdi), Goddess of Humanity

Magical Girl Power: Adaeze has the power of empathy. She can feel the true feelings of others and use it to manipulate their actions in both good ways and bad.

Personality: Adaeze is a gifted student, choosing her education over social events and real friendships. Although she seems to be a bookworm with a shy but cheery disposition, Adaeze is painfully empathetic/sensitive and avoids real human contact as much as possible. She spends her days avoiding her feelings by studying and her nights crying-  overtaken with emotion that she can’t explain.

Adaeze studies Psychology at Peace University and hopes to become a Psychiatrist in the  future.

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adorned by chi - character - adaeze
adorned by chi - character - adaeze
adorned by chi - character - adaeze

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Cry To!

Adaeze cries, well, a lot! And she also has a soft spot for music. Want to know what our heroine listens to as she sheds cathartic tears? Hit the image to hear her “Songs to Cry to” playlist.

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