Name: Kairaluchukwu “Kaira” Okoye

Birthday: July 1st

Height: 5’8″

Guide: Miri (Uhamiri), Goddess of the Sea

Magical Girl Power: Kaira has the power to manipulate water.

Personality: Cool, calm and collected, Kaira is on a constant mission to improve upon self. She is constantly reading self help books, spirituality guides and eating a strictly vegan diet. She does yoga at the crack of dawn and often meditates before making any major decisions. Kaira studies Philosophy and transferred to Peace University from Oguta Maritime University.

Adaeze studies Psychology at Peace University and hopes to become a Psychiatrist in the  future.



Kaira is cool, calm and collected. She loves to meditate and become one with self and music is one of her favorite ways to connect with her inner peace. Hit the image to hear her “Meditative Music” playlist.

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