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Name: Emeka Ukata

Birthday: September 10th

Height: 6’1″

Guide: Ala, Goddess of the Earth

Magical Boy Power: Emeka can “create” life from the earth- plants, roses, vines and trees spring up when he touches the ground.

Personality: Emeka is a confident athlete with a “can-do” attitude and a natural born leader. He’s the star of Amadigwe Academy’s football team and admired by all of his peers (and even professors). His Achilles heel is his need to be in charge, and he finds it hard to play sidekick or second fiddle- especially to someone as “frail” as Adaeze.

Emeka studies Political Science at Amadigwe Academy and he, well actually, everyone knows he will become President one day.

Songs of


In case you didn’t know, our fave magical boy Emeka is laser focused on his goals! While working out, studying, or training his music taste is all about getting him “in the zone”. Hit the image to hear his “Songs of Triumph” playlist.

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