adorned by chi - character - adaeze

The Story.

Adorned by Chi tells the tale of Adaeze, a painfully shy Nigerian college student who discovers she has Goddess-like powers and must, reluctantly, lead a team of young warriors to defeat an apocalyptic monster that threatens to destroy humanity.

Adorned by Chi is inspired by the Japanese Magical Girl genre and series like Revolutionary Girl Utena, Madoka Magica, and, of course, Sailor Moon. The story also takes elements from Igbo culture & lore, including Goddesses like Ala, Uhamiri and more.

We were moved to create our series after noticing a lack of African representation in the Magical Girl Genre…we actually couldn’t find any! So we created what we yearned to see.

jacque aye adorned by chi

The Writer/Creator.

A “Jacque of all trades”, Jacque has done everything from building sites (like this one!), designing apparel, creative consulting, speaking, photography and more!

While this is her first “published” tale, Jacque has been writing and world building for ages.

magus ato adorned by chi

The Manga Artist.

MAGUS ATO is a graphic designer / illustrator and aspiring mangaka. They create their own manga stories and web comics, and adore dark themed concepts and gore- which is more fitting for this project than you’d think!

The Cover Artist.

Tiana Mone’e is an animator, illustrator and educator born in North Carolina & raised in Brooklyn, New York. She’s worked on shows such as Cartoon Network’s “Mad TV” animated series, Jim Henson’s “Sid the Science Kid” and several animated shorts. She currently teaches digital art at a middle school in an underserved community. You can see more of her work on or

Original Sketch Artist

Love our character designs? Our OG original sketches were executed by Faith Layosa based on concepts by Jacque Aye!. Faith is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from the Philippines who loves drawing anime and chibis!

Chi Chi’s Guide To Self Care Artist

Love your free self care guide featuring our favorite pup? Angael Davis illustrated the two page comic for us! She’s worked on so many other cool projects as well. Check her out!

The Animator

Love the animation of our fave party girl Gogo? It was done by Sydney Stuart! Sydney is an illustrator and animator based in South Florida. She loves drawing cute girls and watching dramas!

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